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Do You Feel Like You're Missing Out On life

Are you a Disorganised Mess™ ?

Are you lost?


This is a call to all my fellow procrastinators.

Those with imposter syndrome, poor mental health, and bad spelling. The ones who say "I forgot" all the fucking time. 

We are told we're lazy. We're told we need to try more, we're told we're failures and other TOTAL BULLSHIT LIES.

Here is the truth:


You are a GODAM WORK OF ART!! 

I refuse to let you keep thinking you deserve to let your dreams wilt because you just don't have the path, the tools, the support. 

We are working in broken systems. We burn out when we should be flying but it is not us that needs fixing.

It's time to put aside our self defeating patterns and habits. The negative self talk and pessimism that tells us things will always be this way. 


Productivity Trail Blazers

The best strategies for achieving goals and being productive. Made for non-productive people. 

By someone who is learning to be productive. All my secrets and strategies, tips and tricks and real talk.


Authentic Creativity

Not just painting, creativity is how we express ourselves, our identity. Everyone needs creativity in their lives, but from children we are taught to fear and suppress who we are.

Mindfulness Course

Buzz words aside mindfulness is the most studied and proven form of life improving therapy/strategy we have access to. Mindfulness is a key in our best life

Getting shit done

Why is doing things we want to do so hard? And how do we get it done regardless? Can we do shit as chaos people. I think so. Join me?

Unlock your voice workbook

Speaking up is hard. I made a workbook to help. It'll probably still be scary though


We all want more from our lives. More joy, more love, more connection. But too often all we get is more stress, more anxiety, more boredom. Too often we stay in the same patterns because the change is too scary or we don't think we are worth it


Even if you've failed so many times even thinking of trying something is terrifying. Even if you don't know where to start. If no one believes in you. If you don't believe in yourself.

I believe in you!


You are not alone


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