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Here’s the thing,

I believe messy, disorganised, chaotic people deserve to live fulfilling lives just as much as organised people.

I don't think we are lazy. I don't think we are lost causes. I don't believe we have to remain this way forever (this way being, never achieving our dreams or goals and feeling our life slip away from us #yolo)

Here's another thing

I don't think this world was made for us to thrive.

For anybody, but specifically creative chaos people. You are not broken but working in a broken system. A system no one has given you the tools to navigate and succeed in.

The tools are pretty simple.

  • A whole slew of productivity, goal setting and time management tips and tricks.

  • Self acceptance and compassion

  • Authentic creative expression

  • Adventure and some fucking fun

So let's get to it!

Right off the bat you should know I swear. Not excessively (here anyway) but enough. Enough that if you hate swearing it'll maybe bug you. Or enrage you. Idk people are still weird about it and I just want you to be prepared for the inevitable.

Some of my other finer traits. I have very little willpower, motivation or follow through. I'm a perpetual unfinisher and procrastinator of truly stunning levels.

I'm not an organised got-it-together person.

I am a chaos person(3).png

I am a chaos creative and if you've stumbled here then I imagine you can relate at some level.

Don't worry, I'm not about to start selling you a cure. I am not saying if you do this one thing you'll become a productivity superstar and be overflowing with authentic self expression. 

I'm not trying to change you at all.

Mainly because I can't. I'm sure you could find some examples of people who were disorganised messes and their lives were going nowhere and then: They became transformed by the power of the to-do lists and the top-three-tasks-for-the-day list, and then. From. That. Point. On. Everything was easy for them and please tell me you're reading this in some sort of informercial/movie trailer voice because that is definitely how I'm writing it.

No. The hard truth is  we will probably be kinda messy chaos people forever. But we can learn the skills to manage it.

Let's get this shit happening.

Actual About Me:

Authentic self expression

-My name is Stak
-I dye my hair a lot, it makes me feel more at home in my body.
-I have a son who is my world and also the literal destroyer of my world (he breaks my shit, frequently)
-I grew up a bush kid but I've never broken a bone.
-I have three younger siblings who I love to bits and pieces, but I don't really know any extended family beyond that.
-I'm only beginning to explore spirituality and religion in a more focused way. Before it's always been a vague constant, I was never not-spiritual but I never really focused any time or attention on it. I'm slowly starting to bring more intention to this and living more in line with my beliefs.
-Have I mentioned I love Harry Potter at any point yet? That should really be first on the list.

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