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Speaking up is level 10 hard shit.

I have struggled with using my voice my whole life. I still do. I worry about the consequences, I worry about being abandoned, disliked, mocked.

I dislike conflict, I want to make people happy, I don't want to go against the current, I want people to like me, I feel like no one will listen anyway.

Any of that sound familiar?

My fear of speaking up became so prolonged and ingrained eventually I reached a point where I didn't even know what I wanted.

I had no words to share, no thoughts or opinions, nothing to contribute even if I wanted to. I was an walking example of all the worst parts of 'going with the flow".

It can be easy to fall into the trap of diminishing what you have to say. Maybe you feel like people wouldn't like you if you spoke up, your needs wouldn't be met anyway, you don't want to be laugh at for your dreams.

But holding back isn't fair. It isn't fair on us and it isn't fair on those around us.

We deserve to live our lives full of self expression.

We deserve to know what we want and to be able to voice those dreams and desires.

And our friends and family deserve actual people who contribute to conversations and the relationship as a whole.

We need to speak up, raise our voices, and feel free to voice our needs.

The quality of our lives and our relationships depend on it.


In this download you'll find 12 questions to prompt your exploration into what is stopping you from full expression. What is getting in your way and holding you back.

Are you ready to find out what you're not saying?

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