How to Create a Meditation Space in Small Space

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Meditation is hard guys!

It's so simple. I mean, you just sit down, breathe, find peace. Easy peasy

And we all laughed bitterly.

It's simple yes. But so flippin hard.

The biggest thing I've found to help is to set up a space. An intentional space.

Times I've had an area are the times I've been able to stick to a practice. Unfortunately, that was before I lost all my space to a strange-and-hard-to-organize-and-find-flow house and a small child.

Losing my meditation/journaling/yoga space has meant I stopped a lot of those practices. Which sucks. And has had a direct correlation with a decline in my mental health.

I know meditation is one of the best things I can do for my mind. I know it helps me in every aspect of my life. But I have not for the life of me been able to stick to a regular practice, consistently.

So now I've gotten serious about setting up another space. Working with what I have, striving for being intentional instead of fancy-pantsy.

I've said "enough of this trying to meditate on a pile of laundry bullshit"

If you search meditation space on pinterest you'll find amazing photos of amazing places. And one thing kept standing out to me. Most of them are tiny spaces.

So many of them were just a corner or a coffee table. A tiny nook, a small sacred space

I kept coming back to intention. You don't need a perfect space, just an intentional one.

While I was searching I kept coming across these lists of Essential! Must Have! things to include. Something for each of the senses, fancy pillows, water fountains, oil diffuser, fresh air ect

There are only two things you need in a meditation space. Something to sit on and something to make it sacred.

And this is personal to you. I'd recommend showing restraint when it comes to replicating a meditation space you've found on the internet. Stop and think about what you like, what is sacred to you. Otherwise, you'll just end up with clutter

Maybe you hate the smell of incense but love flowers. Maybe for you sacred is empty and clear, not filled with crystals and statues. I'm not going to tell you what to include. Just offer the inspiration to start.

Here's a basic super simple how to.

Define the Space

Pick a space in your house that will work. Somewhere you won't get disturbed (parents, just laugh at this and do your best).

You're looking to set up somewhere permanent (as possible) so keep that in mind.

A corner is all you need. Even less, I knew someone who kept their meditation pillow under the couch. She just pulled it out to meditate and slide it back under when she was done. 

A coffee table can work like this as well, with your pillow or stool under it, while having candles and whatnot on top.

It could even be a window sill. Or a special spot outside.

Don't let striving for perfection hold you back from taking action. The pictures of spectacular meditation spaces weren't created in one day (unless they were for a photo shoot). Alter, add, and build. Everything is a work in progress.

If you can I would definitely try to have something like a rug to create a boundary for the space. This is your space. Mark it

What to sit on.

This is really the only Essential! Must Have! thing you need. And it doesn't have to be fancy. A couch cushion or a folded blanket works. I used to just sit on the floor but really, fuck that, use a yoga mat at least. The floor is hard!

If you wanna get fancy then believe me there is fancy. Just watch out for musthavethatitis. I came across this stool and now I totally must have that. What I really want is one of these pillows. I'm planning on getting one after I finish my thirty day meditation challenge. As a bribe to myself. Because I never learnt intrinsic motivation.

I prefer meditation pillows but you might prefer a stool or a bench. A lot of people find it much easier in the beginning to use a chair. If this is you a small desk might be perfect. You can buy desks about the width of a laptop which would be perfect for ornaments and would easily fit somewhere in most houses.

Make it sacred

What is sacred to me, might not be sacred to you so these are just ideas to prompt you. First, think about what you like. Minimalism and white space? Thousands of crystals and fairy lights? Scented candles? Bright colours?

Don't include anything you think you "have" to have.

 There are no rules when it comes to creating this. Just pick what calls to you.

 You might like to include any (but please not all) of the follow: candles, incense, plants or flowers, a Zen garden, a special teapot, statues or figurines, prayer flags, crystals, essential oils, salt lamp, oracle or tarot cards, mala beads, journal, singing bowls, wall tapestries, art prints,

Have a backup

Creating a meditation space is useful for setting the intention to meditate daily. To remind us and to indicate it has a place in our daily lives.

But it shouldn't bind us.

If your space isn't available for what ever reason have a back up in mind. Say my son is in our bed one night and I want to meditate before going to sleep. My back up is the lounge room floor. Nothing fancy, I just plonk down my cushion and start. Just having a chosen back up decreases the likelihood of me going, oh I can't use my space, I guess no meditation for me today."

Also don't become so fixated on meditating there you overlook other places. Meditate in the shower or outside in the sun. There are walking meditations and lying down ones too.

Be flexible


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