How To Hygge in Summer


Hygge is perfect for winter.

Which makes sense, what with it being a Danish concept and all their snow. Coziness is essential to surviving and enjoying cold weather, we all feel the winter glumness at some point. Going months without seeing enough sun means you need to bring enjoyment into other areas of your life, lest you be swallowed by greyness and depression. Winter creates an overwhelming need for hygge. But how then do you bring your new found hygge love into the summer months?

Cosy feels much less inviting when it's 100 degrees. All of a sudden it seems like sticky, sweaty mess of yuck.

It can be easy for those of us that have only recently come across the concept to look at the main aesthetic of hygge and to come to the conclusion that it is only possible during the winter.

But hygge is more than just cosiness, more than just fires and thick socks and hot soup.

It is not about the actual things or specific situations themselves and more about the feeling in your body they create.

It’s that feeling as your whole body breathes in the moment and goes ahhh. It’s not about the warm blankets and twinkling light it’s the feeling in your body that tells you you’re home and safe. It’s a quiet joy and a presence in the now. It’s being surrounded by family and friends and soaking up the love. It’s living with intention and joy, slowing down to savour all the moments that make up our days and appreciating what is important in our lives. And summer is absolutely perfect for that.

Here are 9 things that are peak hygge that can be enjoyed in the summer time.

Going to the beach in the evening.

Go for an afternoon swim, then stay and watch the sunset. Remember to take some blankets and jumpers because it can get cold with that wind! Bring a thermos of something and watch the colours of the day ending.

Stargazing in the backyard with others or by yourself.

Lay out blankets and pillows and spend a night watching for shooting stars and marvelling at the universe. If you want to say there all night, summer is the perfect time to sleep under the stars because there is little to no morning dew. Lay out some sleeping bags and get cosy.

Spending the afternoon with friends

Being relaxed and spending time with friends is a perfect way to bring a little more hygge to your summer day. Sit out on the verandah, patio or where ever seems like a nice place to chill. Cups of tea (or something stronger) and laughter, summer breeze and savouring the presence of people you adore.

Swimming at night

Swimming at night is magical. There's something so special about being in the water under the darkness of the night sky. If you have a pool in your backyard then plan a night pool party or if you want to commit to the whole experience you can visit your favourite river or a creek.

Waking up early to watch sunrises.

Watching the day come in is a perfect way to slow down your life, particularly when the summer schedule can get a little packed. Taking some time to be alone with the world before the hustle of the day begins can help you connect to yourself and your dreams. During the stillness of dawn it is easy to see the wonder of life and feel inspired or content.

Barbecues in evenings with friends, family, neighbours, whoever.

Round up your loved one and have a barbeque. Get everyone to bring a plate to remove stressful planning and preparation. Kick back and enjoy the long summer twilight. Now is the perfect opportunity for those twinkle light! Put on some music and have fun. Talk, laugh, dance, and enjoy being surrounded by others.


Summer is really a fantastic time to read. Take a book to the beach, or outside under a tree, read while lying in a creek or sitting as close as you can the air con. There's something about reading that just feels cozy or luxurious. Settling in to read a book is hygge even if there's no roaring fire next to you. Read that book you've been wanting to read all year or, if you don't have one in mind, check out some bestseller lists and top picks for 2017. I've been reading Kate Tempest's t and it's so hard to put down at the moment.

Watching thunderstorms!

Thunderstorms are such a special event and tend to only happen in or close to summer. Savour these spectacular lightning shows with a glass of wine and someone special (plus maybe all the kids).

Going Camping

Pinnacle summer hygge is camping. Camping combines so many of these elements above. Disconnecting from electronics, stargazing, cuddling up, tents, campfires, being outside, being with family and friends, connecting with nature, savouring moments, swimming, swimming at night etc etc. Every single thing about camping is hygge. And what better time than summer! Grab some friends and family and head out to your favourite camping ground or explore somewhere new. Cook over a campfire at night, tell stories, sing or just sit and watch the flames. Explore the area by day or take a outdoor nap.

It's winter over here for us in Australia, but it was summer here when the hygge trend peaked so I've given this a lot (A LOT) of thought. I hope this gives you some idea to further hygge in the hotter months. How have you invited hygge into your life this summer? Let me know in the comments or send me an email. Do you prefer winter or summer? Which one is easier for you to enjoy?

I've also put together a printable with these ideas and a bunch extra. Check it out below!


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