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5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness When You Don't Have Time to Meditate

I am a firm believer that 'time' isn't the issue, our priorities and motivations are, and mindfulness is less something that we need to do at a specific time and more of a state to be in. If you're finding it difficult to set aside specific time to meditate then give some of these a go. Bring mindfulness into as many aspects of your daily life as possible.

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Self Care for New Bloggers

There are lots of compelling reasons to start a blog and it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and quickly burn out. Blogging is A LOT of work in the beginning. Lots of late nights fiddling with technical things that you don’t really understand, feeling overwhelmed and confused. Trying to follow about a hundred different strategies on how to best increase traffic, set up Pinterest, Facebook, twitter,

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