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mindfulness course

Know you should practice mindfulness but just don't have the time?

A FREE five day journey to increase mindfulness that fits in to your regular schedule! Experience greater peace and presence in your life today.


Bring Mindfulness into Your Life
in Just Five Days

I have some questions for you.

OK let's be honest for a sec, how much of your life is chaos? Or, how much of it is organized so well you're living in autopilot? How much time are you paying attention?

Do you feel awake in your life? Are you present? Are you in control, not in a I-need-to-control-every-aspect-of-everything-or-I-will-fall-apart kind of way. But a calm, confident, stable kind of control.

Do you want to feel more peace? More presence? Greater connection and authenticity?

Do you want less stress? Less anxiety? Less anger and overwhelm?

Then you're going to want this.

Designed specifically for people short on time, the next five days will be a journey to bring mindfulness into the life you already lead, without making huge time consuming commitments.

I promise it's little changes, based on what you already do.

You won't have to meditate for five hours and retreat from the world all day.

You're life can carry on as normal, just a little more engage, a little more focused, a little more calm.


Getting Started
Learn what mindfulness is and how to set yourself up to succeed.

Day 1 - Incorporation
Begin to cultivate mindfulness with an easy (super easy) practice.

Day 2 - Daily life
Explore how to bring mindfulness to the things you already do in your life.

Day 3 - Happiness Hobbies
Combine mindfulness with the things that make you happy for maximum enjoyment (can I get a yeaaaaah!!)

Day 4 - Meditation
Experiment with meditation in a extremely non-pressure, basically cannot fail way. I got you, no stress.

Day 5 - Stress
Learn how to use mindfulness to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and anger.

Where to Go Next
Set some intentions for continuing your practice.

My fav resource to totally rock this mindfulness thing.

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